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Throughout my years of playing not only golf but sports in general one thing I have found that goes hand in hand are outdoor sports and sunglasses. Sunglasses are used often in practice and competition for baseball, cycling, golf, fishing and more. In order to get a great quality pair of sunglasses in the past one would have to be willing to shell out a substantial amount of money, often somewhere between $200.00 and $300.00 dollars for companies like Oakley, Ray-Ban and others. With the introduction of Tifosi Optics into today’s market, paying those sort of prices for great quality sunglasses luckily is now a thing of the past.
I was introduced to Tifosi Optics during the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando Florida and immediately I was impressed by both the quality and quantity of their lineup. Tifosi Optics has several different styles of sunglasses made for not only cyclists, golfers, baseball players and more but also for just normal wear on a sunny day. Tifosi Optics also even makes prescription glasses for those in need as well. You can even custom order sunglasses in your favorite colors and lenses including polarized and fototec lenses on selected frames. In addition there is also an awesome feature on their website that allows you to virtually try on many of the different pairs of sunglasses they provide by utilizing the webcam on your computer. This is a feature I have used often as well when virtually shopping for my next pair of glasses on their website.
Quality aside, the main thing that attracted me to Tifosi Optics was the price. You will pay prices that are a fraction of the big names out there but for very good quality sunglasses. Many of their top end sunglasses even come with a case and on average prices run somewhere between $50.00 and $80.00 which I found to be very fair. For these kinds of prices you can even splurge and get an extra set of lenses or two. For those just looking for a pair of cool shades that you can wear anywhere Tifosi Optics has several different lineups with many sunglasses such as the brand new Sizzle lineup that run at an even lower price point between $25.00 to $50.00 on average.
If you are in the market for a good pair of sunglasses you owe it to yourself to give Tifosi Optics a look. I own several pairs already at this point and always look forward to their new releases to add to my collection. No more crying when you get a scratch on your $300.00 pair of sunglasses! Once you get a feel of the quality and value that Tifosi Optics provides, I am confident you will be a repeat customer as well.
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