10 Essential Accessories for Enhancing Your Skytrak Experience

10 Essential Accessories for Enhancing Your Skytrak Experience

Want to enhance your Skytrak indoor golf experience and take it to the next level? Explore the accessories that will boost your gaming experience. The must-have device is the Skytrak or Skytrak+ Launch Monitor. It happens to be the favorite launch monitor of many golfers. These monitors are equipped with exclusive features to enhance your overall experience. In addition, there are other accessories that will be a valuable asset and elevate your complete game.

At Garage Golf, we have all the accessories that you need to boost your Skytrak golf game. Check out the list of 10 essential accessories that include protective cases and simulator packages for driving your Skytrak experience like never before.

SKYTRAK+ Protective Case

This super protective case will be the ultimate guardian to your monitor. The case is made from best-in-quality High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It offers top-notch quality, durability, and strength. This accessory is precisely engineered to give a perfect fit to your SKYTRAK+ monitor with the best protection. The case also features Ball Strike Resilience. This specification makes it capable of withstanding the ball up to 100 mph upon impact. It will offer the greatest impact resistance to your device. This protective case is an important accessory that will provide optimal protection to the monitor.

If you buy a Skytrak+ with this protective case you will be making the best purchase decision.

Order the Skytrak+ Protective Case Here 👇

Hitting Mats and Turf

Hitting mats are another important must-have accessory to improve your SkyTrak experience. When you place your SkyTrak unit on the hitting mat, it will give you an assurance that your Skytrak or Skytrak+ Launch Monitor is on the same surface or the same height as the balls you are hitting from. It will greatly improve the experience and minimize misreads.

Explore All Golf Mats and Our Recommendations 👇

If you need flooring throughout, check out the GrassTex MONEY PUTT GOLF TURF, which is fantastic when you have an indoor golf simulator studio. This turf is specifically designed for various golf applications, such as for adding greens, practice mats or using it as a landing pad.

Wall Padding For Golf Simulator

When you want the Best Golf Simulator, do not forget to protect it with wall padding. You can check out the SIGPRO Golf Simulator Wall Padding from our site, which will provide great protection to the walls of the simulator room. It is equipped with memory foam, which offers enhanced protection. The pads come in a super sleek design, and it will protect against errant golf balls. It is of top-notch quality and is available at the best value. The best part is it is available in four different sizes to meet every simulator-type wall padding requirement.

Wall padding will protect not only your walls but also the ceiling and the entire room from any potential damage from the golf ball.

Golf Simulator Projector

When you build a Golf Simulator for Home, you must equip it with a projector that will give you the freedom to enjoy your Skytrak or Skytrak+ year-round. A projector will project the digital feed of your simulator software on the impact screen. It will let you see the golf ball’s flying distance in front of your eyes, which will give life to your indoor experience on-screen.

You can invest in a 4K golf projector that will enhance your real-life experience. Have a look at the BenQ LK936ST, which is the latest and trendiest 4K DLP short-throw projector. The best thing about it is it has laser projector specifications with a unique Golf Mode. You can also check out the BenQ LU935ST 4K Golf Simulator Projector from our store. For those who are wanting the best quality 1080p or higher projector, also consider the Panasonic VMZ51U Laser Projector.

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Camera Set

Improve the digital Skytrak Golf gaming experience with the best camera set-up. Invest in a complete camera set that will improve the complete indoor gaming visualization. You can check out the exclusive Carl’s Golf Swing Cameras. These are simple video cameras that can capture your golf swing for additional analysis on programs such as Swing Catalyst or even free software such as Kinovea.

With the camera set, you can record your golf session and use the software swing program for additional visualization. The camera comes with a 1.2 to 12mm zooming lens that extends the reach. If you choose a tripod or wall mount, you will get the freedom to install the swing camera anywhere within your golf space. This camera setup will help analyze your golf swing more closely. More importantly, you can improve your game and witness better performance.

Golf Simulator Packages

To boost your Skytrak experience, shop for Skytrak or Skytrak+ simulator packages. You can explore different simulator packages such as the Skytrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package, Golf Simulator Flex Space Package, training package, and many others from Skytrak by clicking here:

Garmin Approach R10 Bronze Golf Simulator Package

If you want a premium simulation experience, go for the SkyTrak SIG12 Package, which has a SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure with a 12’W screen. It will provide you with real-time ball performance and visual feedback. The SkyTrak+ SIG12 Package is also a comprehensive package that is everything you wish for your indoor golf game and to play comfortably at home.

Skytrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package

Skytrak+ Launch Monitor

Are you looking for the latest monitor to elevate your Skytrak experience? Here, we provide to you the newest launch from SkyTrak. The Skytrak+ Launch Monitor is integrated with major advancements and high-end technology. It features a dual Doppler radar system and the latest software upgrade that will offer users unrivaled accuracy. The radar system will help you to track the club data without using club stickers.


This latest monitor will offer immediate insights. You will receive instant feedback about your launch angle, shot shape, spin rate, and other valuable data that will help you improve your game. You can get this Best Golf Launch Monitor from our Shop Page at a discounted price.

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Skytrak Metal Protective Case

It is the Official Metal Case of the original Skytrak Launch Monitor, which is authorized to be used with SkyTrak for a highly protected launch monitor experience. It comes with an advanced design that lets the user plug in a wall charger without the necessity to remove the SkyTrak.

This protective case will offer you easy access to the power button. Moreover, you can see the LED from the accurately positioned openings. The case also has adjustable legs to raise or level the SkyTrak. Besides, the case is durable and strong and will offer enhanced protection from scratches, light drops, and bumps. Therefore, it will be the best protective investment for your device.

The Club Keyboard

The Club Keyboard is the best quality controller on the market today, with custom keyboard circuitry specifically designed for Golf simulators. It has a high-quality injection-molded enclosure. It will offer you a truly plug-and-play experience. It is unlike other controllers that need software for operating, which leads to disconnection problems.

The Club Keyboard

This keyboard controller has 18 buttons, and it can control virtually every available keyboard function. Other controllers have considerably less buttons and therefore less options to map out integral features required for use with the simulator software. The Club Keyboard will be a great addition to your SkyTrak setup.

Skytrak+ Training Golf Simulator Package

The SkyTrak+ Training Package is the perfect practice setup for indoor golfers. It is a budget-friendly package that will improve your performance. It will provide you with real-time visual feedback. The performance data will be sent to your iPad or PC.

Skytrak+ Training Golf Simulator Package

With this training package, you will get SIGPRO Golf Net, SIGPRO 6′ x 10′ Landing Pad, Charging Cable for SkyTrak, Side Barrier Netting, and a choice of Golf Mat. This package will offer you great accuracy and different metrics feedback and will act as a game improvement model.

Final Thoughts

Ready to get started? It might be time to level up your Skytrak Experience with world-class accessories from our top vendors. The above are the 10 essential accessories that could easily enhance your indoor golf game and improve comfort and repeated playability. You can shop for these accessories directly from our Garage Golf Shop Page anytime for the best value.

Have additional questions or don’t know where to start? Reach out to us anytime at [email protected] or feel free to set an appointment to talk with us by using our Calendly link at

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you started on your golf simulator journey!

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