Skytrak+ Launch Monitor Full Review

Here at Garage Golf, we recently had the opportunity to take the brand new Skytrak+ Launch Monitor for a test drive. In this written review we will discuss the features of the Skytrak+ Launch Monitor that have been upgraded and improved as well as what we feel still can use some tweaking or adjustments. In addition we will provide our experience during the testing process and if we would recommend the Skytrak+ Launch Monitor for anyone looking to build their own golf simulator setup at home.

Skytrak+ Launch Monitor Data Points and Feedback:

While more expensive and elaborate launch monitors do exist, the Skytrak+ Launch Monitor offers an exceptional combination of accuracy and affordability that makes it one of the best values on the market today. When it comes to feedback, the Skytrak+ provides detailed performance data for each shot taken. The Skytrak+ now features a dual doppler radar system which is a massive improvement to the previous Skytrak Launch Monitor in pretty much every category. A large part of this improvement is factored in with the data this launch monitor provides that now includes both ball and club data that competes with even the highest end launch monitors. A list of data points that the Skytrak+ measures or calculates is listed below:

Ball Data:

Carry Distance
Total Distance
Total Spin
Launch Angle
Ball Speed
Back Spin
Side Angle and Spin
Descent Angle
Max Height

Club Data:

Club Path
Club Head Speed
Face to Path
Face to Target

The ability to track all of these metrics over time allows players to identify areas they need to focus on in order to make progress towards becoming a better golfer.

Skytrak+ Data Screen

Differences Between Skytrak and Skytrak+ Launch Monitor:

One of the biggest differences between the Skytrak and the Skytrak+ Launch Monitors is the addition of the dual doppler radar system. This is a very important upgrade because it now allows the unit to track the club data listed whereas the original Skytrak unit was only able to calculate club data which made it less accurate.

Skytrak+ also features a hitting area that is 40% larger than the original Skytrak. This provides golfers with the flexibility to hit a wider range of shots without worrying about common misreads that plagued the original Skytrak Launch Monitor. A new on board processor also allows for faster reading of golf shots and added 5Ghz Wifi provides a faster and more stable experience. USBc charging has also replaced the outdated Micro USB charging port as well. Most importantly the Skytrak+ can be used with any golf ball and does not require club tape of any sort of stickers for either the club or the ball to accurately read your golf shots. I was very impressed throughout my testing on how quickly my golf shot was read and I had virtually no misreads at all during my initial testing as indicated in our full video review at the bottom of this article.

Skytrak+ Launch Monitor Placement (Pros and Cons):

The Skytrak+ is a floor based launch monitor that is placed roughly 12-18 inches offset to the right or left of where you swing, depending on if you are a right of left handed golfer. There are both pros and cons to this placement. A large pro for this setup is that you do not need a ton of depth in your simulator space for you to be able to use the Skytrak+. As long as you have enough room to comfortably swing a driver you will be in good shape overall. Since the Skytrak+ only needs a few feet of ball flight to read the golf ball, it provides more options for use in tighter spaces than other launch monitors on the market that need to read much longer ball flight.

One con with the placement of the Skytrak+ unit on the floor means that you will have to rotate the device back and forth if you have both a right handed golfer and left handed golfer using the launch monitor at the same time, either for practice or for golf simulator use. Another con with this setup is that since the unit is placed offset in front of the golf ball, it is potentially in place to get hit by the golf ball in the unfortunate event of a shanked shot. For this reason specifically, it is highly recommended that you purchase the Skytrak+ Case to protect your investment should you decide to purchase the Skytrak+ Launch Monitor.

Skytrak+ At Address

Skytrak+ Launch Monitor User Experience:

The overall user experience of the Skytrak+ is very positive as well. The device is quick and easy to set up and use, with an intuitive menu system that makes it simple to navigate. Additionally, the launch monitor can be paired with devices via Bluetooth or USB, allowing users to store their data in the cloud for easy retrieval later. The delay for reading the golf ball has also been shortened considerably from the original Skytrak unit. During our testing it was quite common to see the ball flight pull up after only 1 to 2 seconds instead of 4-5 seconds which was more common on the original Skytrak Launch Monitor.

Skytrak Application:

Skytrak continues to have what we here at Garage Golf feel is one of if not the best golf applications on the golf simulator market today. The application can be used on both PC and mobile devices, including both IOS and Android devices, which many people will love.

The new and improved Shot Optimizer allows the golfer to view and analyze club and ball data while also comparing it to optimal launch conditions. Using color coding, your data will appear red, yellow, or green, depending on how close your numbers are to the best players in the world. One of the newest features of the SkyTrak+ is the tutorials that are included in the user interface. Golf Digest #22 Teacher in the World Nick Clearwater explains the data parameters during these tutorials and why they are important to improving your golf game. 

The Practice Randomizer is another entertaining yet useful feature that allows you to vary shots between distance parameters of your choice. For example a golfer could select to hit shots between 75 and 160 yards and with each shot you hit a new shot then pulls up that varies distances, allowing you to work on game improvement and practice multiple shot types you might hit out on the golf course while keeping things fresh and interesting.

Bag Mapping is also included with the Skytrak application. With this feature you will hit multiple shots with each club in your bag to determine your average distance with that club. Once you have gone through your entire bag you will then have a bigger picture of what you hit each club on average and if there are any gaps in your yardages that you need to work on and adjust.

These are just some of the many features that are packed into the Skytrak application. There are options for multiple users so each person can have their own login and track their own stats individually, both on the device and online. The Wedge Matrix feature allows you to dial in your wedge distances for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full swings so you know how far you hit each type of shot with your wedges as well. While practicing various shots on the driving range you are also provided with a shot score as well which is a very cool feature. About the only thing that we strongly feel is missing is a putting practice area where you can practice your putts from various distances. The graphics remain mostly the same from the original Skytrak application as well and could be spruced up a bit but overall the experience is more than satisfactory.

Skytrak+ Launch Monitor Price:

In terms of price point, the Skytrak+ does sits at what we feel is a sweet spot on the launch monitor market, especially in comparison to other launch monitors in its class. The Skytrak+ is currently priced at $2995.00 as of the time of this article which is roughly $1000.00 higher than the original Skytrak unit and about $700.00 more than the Flightscope Mevo+ 2023 Edition Launch Monitor. It is however also priced at roughly $500.00 below the Bushnell Launch Pro and more than $1500.00 below the Uneekor Eye Mini, both of which are direct competitors to the Skytrak+ Launch Monitor. Based upon the price in comparison to some of the competitors on the market, the value offered by the Skytrak+ still makes it one of the best options available in its price point.

Skytrak+ Launch Monitor Skytrak+ Back View

Skytrak+ Top View Skytrak+ Bottom View

Skytrak+ Launch Monitor Packages:

There are a few different packages that are either included or that can be upgraded when purchasing the Skytrak+ Launch Monitor. The information on the packages is included below:


Automatically included with your SkyTrak+ is a basic range where you can dial in your club and ball data. This is the basic Skytrak Golf Simulator Package but still provides good features to help you work on your golf game.


The Game Improvement Plan adds the ability to connect your Skytrak+ to Golf Simulator Software Programs. It also provides additional access to unique features on the Skytrak application to help you improve and track your stats. At a bare minimum we would suggest that you purchase the Game Improvement Software with a Skytrak+ purchase to unlock the golf simulation software access and additional features.

PLAY & IMPROVE SOFTWARE (+$249 Annually)

Featuring World Golf Tour and recently increased from price of $199.00, The Play and Improve Software has been bolstered by the addition of adding E6 access for both IOS and PC. This package now includes the following:

15 E6 Courses (iOS & PC):

Aviara, Belfry, Sanctuary, Wade Hampton, Stone Canyon, Bandon Dunes, Oakmont, Torrey Pines, Troon North, Prairie Dunes, Banff, Barton Creek, Loch Lomond, Pelican Hill, Cabo Del Sol

15 WGT Courses (iOS):

PGA National, Pebble Beach, St Andrews, Bethpage Black, Olympic Club, Ocean Course at Kiawah, Chambers Bay, Erin Hills, Pinehurst #2, Congressional CC, Merion GC, Wolf Creek, Royal St Georges


Golf Simulation Software:

Two of the top Skytrak software options available that are fully functional with the Skytrak+ Launch Monitor include E6 Connect and TGC 2019. Some information on both software programs are included below. Please note that the purchase of an annual subscription of the Game Improvement Package or The Play and Improve Package is required for access to this software for use with the Skytrak+.

TGC 2019:

the golf club 2019 logo

4 Player Multiplayer

Over 150,000 courses (Most of which are user created courses)

Real Life Physics

Ghost Player Feature

TGC 2019 Course


E6 Connect:

E6 Connect Logo 1

15 courses now automatically included with the Play and Improve Package

More courses available for purchase or download with upgraded packages

Courses are often more accurate and realistic based upon LIDAR mapping and technology.

Only one version of each course so no having to filter through numerous courses.

E6 Connect Course

Other Potential Options:


These are just two of the top options available for the Skytrak+. Another option not listed is Created Golf 3D. There is also one simulator software program missing here that I feel should be included or at least considered for inclusion in the future and that program is called GSPRO. As a long time user I feel that GSPRO is one of the best golf simulation programs on the market today. Currently GSPRO integrates officially with Flightscope and Uneekor products. I would like to see official integration with Skytrak+ in the future with this simulation software as it is nice to give golfers as many options as possible in our market today.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Skytrak+ Launch Monitor is an excellent choice for golfers looking to take their game to the next level. With advanced features and accurate data, it’s a great tool for getting more out of every practice session. Additionally, its reasonable price makes it an attractive option against higher priced launch monitors with similar features. After our initial testing we strongly feel that if you’re in the market for a golf launch monitor, the Skytrak+ is definitely worth considering.

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