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Experience the game-changing power of the Cobra Aerojet Driver, a must-have for mid handicap golfers. This driver has taken the golfing world by storm with its advanced technology and impressive performance. In this Cobra Aerojet Driver review, we’ll explore why at Garage Golf we feel that the Cobra Aerojet Driver is a cut above the rest, from its quality materials to the features that set it apart from the competition.

Cobra Aerojet Driver Price:

When it comes to pricing, the Cobra Aerojet Driver falls into the mid-to-high range, reflecting its premium quality and innovative features. The Cobra Aerojet Driver is currently priced at $549.00 as of the time this article is written, making it a bit pricier compared to other drivers on the market. We feel strongly however that the Cobra Aerojet Driver offers unbeatable value for its exceptional performance and cutting-edge technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make the Cobra Aerojet Driver in our opinion a game-changer for mid handicap golfers:

Aerodynamic Design:

The Aerojet Driver boasts an aerodynamically optimized shape that reduces drag and increases club head speed. This means more distance off the tee, enhanced carry and roll for better overall performance – all crucial for mid handicap players. As further proof of this feature, if you watch the YouTube video in full down below you will notice that one of my drives that I absolutely flushed traveled a total of over 293 yards, which is an all time high for my golf game and helped to instantly place this driver on my all-time favorites list pretty quickly.

Cobra Aerojet Driver Sole of Club

Precision Face:

The Cobra Aerojet Driver features proven PWRSHELL L-cup technology that maximizes launch and distance and an A.I. designed H.O.T Face that is geared towards generating more speed and efficient spin across the entire club face. Even on off-center hits, mid handicap golfers can achieve maximum ball speed and forgiveness, which is a game-changer for inconsistent ball striking.

Cobra Aerojet Driver H.O.T. Face

Cobra Aerojet Driver Tailored Performance:

The Cobra Aerojet Driver features an innovative bridge weight design that enables unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole, as well as positioning the center of gravity low and forward to unleash faster ball speed. This features helps to allow golfers to fine-tune their launch conditions, shot shape, and forgiveness levels. This is particularly beneficial for mid handicap players seeking greater control and consistency off the tee.

Lightweight and Stable:

With a carbon fiber crown construction, the Aerojet Driver promotes higher launch angles and reduced spin, helping mid handicap golfers optimize their trajectory for longer, straighter drives.

Adjustable Loft:

An adjustable loft sleeve offers golfers fine tuning of trajectory and spin. In addition, each loft is adjustable up to +/- 1.5 from the printed loft on the head of the driver. Standard lofts on the Cobra Aerojet Driver come in a 9.0, 10.5 and 12 degrees and are adjustable from there using the loft sleeve.

Multiple Stock Shaft Options:

Standard stock options include the following:

MCA Kai’li White 60 in X and S flex that promotes a mid launch and low spin with torque at 4.1.

MCA Kai’li Blue 60 in S and R flex that promotes a mid launch and mid spin with torque at 4.3 (this was the shaft I was fitted in for testing purposes).

UST Helium Nanacore 4 in A flex that promotes a high launch and mid spin with torque at 6.3.

Ultimate Forgiveness:

Thanks to its high moment of inertia (MOI), the Aerojet Driver ensures increased forgiveness and minimizes the loss of distance and accuracy on off-center hits. Mid handicap players will love the added forgiveness, which allows for better control and improved performance when faced with challenging situations on the course.

Cobra Aerojet Driver Additional Models:

While we feel that the Cobra Aerojet Driver is a perfect option for most golfers out there regardless of swing speed, there are two other Cobra Aerojet Drivers a golfer could select from and a perfect reason why it is important to get fitted for your unique golf swing. These driver models are listed below:

Cobra Aerojet LS Driver: Low launch, low spin driver geared towards someone with a neutral to fade biased golf shot. Adjustable forward weighting and adjustable weight settings on the Aerojet LS are added to maximize speed and spin reduction.

Cobra Aerojet Max: High launch, mid to low spin driver geared towards someone with a neutral to draw biased golf shot. The Cobra Aerojet Max is the most forgiving Aerojet Driver on the market. Adjustable back and heel weight positioning allows golfers to fine-tune draw basis in the most forgiving driver head available from Cobra.

Cobra Aerojet Driver Full Lineup

Cobra Aerojet Headcovers in Golf Bag

What Sets the Cobra Aerojet Driver Apart From The Competition:

After reviewing the Cobra Aerojet Driver both on the driving range with multiple shots and on the golf course during rounds of actual golf play, below are some of the features that we feel help to set set the Cobra Aerojet Driver apart from the competition on the market today.


Firstly, Cobra’s commitment to innovation is evident in the Aerojet Driver’s cutting-edge technology. From its weighting system to the H.O.T. face and carbon fiber crown, Cobra has created a driver tailored to the needs of mid handicap golfers like myself. Cobra has also continued to pair their drivers and clubs with the ARCCOS Smart Sensors so that golfers always have the tools and technology needed at their fingertips to know how to score lowerThe high launch characteristics and streamlined shape of this driver are also very nice and helped to dial in accuracy my specific golf needs during my testing and review.

Moment of Inertia (MOI):

Secondly, forgiveness is taken to another level with the larger sweet spot and high MOI of the Aerojet. I was able to go after my drives and had the confidence that I would not be severely punished on mishits. It was a nice feeling not to have to sacrifice distance and accuracy on slightly mishit golf balls, which helped me greatly as my swing is obviously nowhere near perfect.


Whatever the reason may be I felt super confident once I was able to lock in with this driver. Again knowing that I would not be heavily penalized on slight mishits really allowed for me to go for a little bit extra power than normally which really showed on the course for me. As someone who struggles greatly with consistency and is always striving for faster ball speeds with my driver, the Cobra Aerojet Driver really helped me to stand confidently over my golf ball and crush the ball down the middle of the fairway.

Cobra Aerojet Driver Top of Club

Our Final Thoughts:

As a result of our testing both at the driving range and on the golf course we feel that the Cobra Aerojet Driver is a top-tier option for mid handicap golfers who crave distance, forgiveness, and customization. While it may come with a higher price tag, its advanced technology, aerodynamic design, and customization features make it a true game-changer on the course. Take advantage of the larger sweet spot, high MOI, and optimized launch conditions that the Aerojet Driver offers, and elevate your golfing performance to new heights. We certainly are looking forward to continuing with our Aerojet Driver and will be sharing more content down the road on this beautiful driver.

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