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So, what exactly is Garage Golf? Garage Golf is THE golf destination for the everyday golfer. Garage Golf is not just a title — it’s a state of mind! Do you have to have a Garage in order to be a Garage Golfer? Absolutely not! Anyone who wants to work on their game away from the golf course can be a Garage Golfer. Whether you have a mat and a net in an outdoor setup or a full golf simulator in your home, anyone who strives to get better in this crazy game we call Golf is a Garage Golfer!

If you’re like us then you understand that a pro golfer reviewing a club, bag, mat, or any other accessory doesn’t necessarily translate well to what that product will do for you as an average golfer. Here at Garage Golf we have a golfer for every swing type and we strive to cater to your needs and exceed your expectations. We provide golf product reviews, golf simulator reviews, golf technology reviews as well as information on pretty much anything golf-related. If you are new to our website please consider joining our mailing list at the bottom of the page to stay alert of all news and updates from Garage Golf. 

Garage Golf works diligently with potential clients to help determine the best golf simulator and golf technology products available for the client’s needs based upon their time frame, budget, space requirements and overall goal for their unique space. Since Garage Golf has worked as an independent reviewer and tester of these products for several years they are highly suited to offer helpful and honest advice based upon their testing experience and results with these products. Save yourself the stress of combing through hundreds of reviews and articles on products and reach out to us here at Garage Golf to help with all your golf simulator and golf product needs! Garage Golf, Extraordinary Golf Info FORE The Extra-ORDINARY Golfer!

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