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BenQ LH820ST Golf Simulator Projector: Full Review

Are you searching for an incredible golf simulator projector to level-up your indoor golfing experience? Look no further than the BenQ LH820ST! This high-performance projector offers a unique set of features, making it one of the top available options for golf enthusiasts. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the BenQ LH820ST capabilities and how it aims to outshine its competitors, ensuring you make an informed decision for your golf simulator setup.

Key Takeaways

  • The BenQ LH820ST is an entry to mid-level golf simulator projector with high brightness, resolution and contrast.

  • It offers features such as LAN Control, low input lag, Q-Cast, corner fit and DustGuard technology for durability, large 2d keystone and more.

  • With its short throw design and accurate image adjustment features the BenQ LH820ST provides a realistic golf simulation experience, making it an excellent value for its price range. 

Introducing the BenQ LH820ST

LH820ST Front View

The BenQ LH820ST is a mid-level golf simulator projector that offers:

  • 3600 ANSI Lumen high brightness

  • 1080p high resolution

  • 90% of Rec.709 color gamut coverage

  • 3,000,000:1 native high contrast

The standout feature of the LH820ST is its distinctive golf mode, which optimizes the blue sky and green grass color for a realistic representation of golf courses.

The LH820ST offers the following features:

  • Impressive short throw ratio of 0.497

  • Ideal solution for golf simulator setups with limited space

  • Projects stunning visuals with superior image quality

  • Exclusive golf mode for optimal performance

Setting up your Golf Game with BenQ LH820ST

LH820ST Back View

The BenQ LH820ST laser projector is compatible with Creston, AMX and PJ Link control systems for convenient system integration with various third-party components for centralized management of multiple projectors at less cost.

The color wheel sensor guarantees accurate color reproduction, providing an immersive golfing experience that rivals real-life conditions. The Blanking feature is a useful tool for cropping useless image pixels from irregular projected images, while the screen fill function increases detail and preserves the overall quality of the image. The straightforward setup of the BenQ LH820ST lets you concentrate on perfecting your swing instead of having to adjust your projector settings.

Compact Design and High-Tech Functionality

LH820ST Top View

The BenQ LH820ST boasts a compact design that integrates low latency, DLP and DustGuard technology for an unparalleled golf simulation experience.

The sections below will further elaborate on these features and their contribution to the projector’s high-tech performance.

Immersive Experience with Low Latency

Accurate gameplay hinges on a smooth, responsive golf simulation experience. The BenQ LH820ST golf simulator projector has a latency rate of less than 17ms at 1080p/60Hz, ensuring smooth dynamic images and superior projected image quality. For even better performance, the projector’s Fast Mode offers an impressive low latency of 16.67ms, delivering a truly immersive gaming experience.

The BenQ laser projector, along with the exclusive golf mode, guarantees realistic visuals that replicate the vibrant greens and vivid blues of real golf courses. With the BenQ LH820ST’s low latency and stunning visuals, you’ll feel like you’re stepping onto the green every time you power up the projector. While we did enjoy the golf mode on the projector we found that the presentation mode tended to offer a brighter experience overall that we ultimately chose for our picture selection. 

Vibrant Colors with DLP Technology

Digital Light Processing (DLP) uses optical micro-electro-mechanical technology, a digital micromirror device, and a dual color wheel system to project images onto a screen. The BenQ LH820ST utilizes DLP technology to provide consistent and reliable accurate colors that can be easily calibrated with just a few clicks.

The projector’s DLP technology delivers precise whites and vibrant colors that are guaranteed to last for up to 200,000 hours. With the BenQ LH820ST, you can trust that your golf simulator will consistently project stunning and accurate visuals for years to come.

Dustproofing for Durability

LH820ST Projector Mount

The lifespan and performance of your projector can be extended significantly with dustproofing. The BenQ LH820ST boasts an international dustproof rating of IP5X, ensuring that it’s well-protected from the adverse effects of dust particles.

The DustGuard technology included in the LH820ST projector not only enhances durability but also ensures optimal performance in bright ambient lighting conditions. With the peace of mind provided by dustproofing, you can fully enjoy your golf simulation experience without worrying about the projector’s longevity.

Evaluating the BenQ LH820ST’s Performance

This section evaluates the BenQ LH820ST’s performance, focusing on its seamless edge blending, short-throw design, and accurate image adjustment. These factors contribute to the projector’s exceptional performance, making it an ideal choice for golf simulators.

Seamless Edge Blending with White Balance Calibration

Accurate picture quality and seamless edge blending hinge on effective white balance calibration, which is essential for accurate image reproduction. By adjusting the colors in an image or display to accurately represent white, white balance calibration establishes a baseline for all other colors, guaranteeing true and accurate colors to a professional standard.

The BenQ LH820ST offers the following features:

  • White balance calibration to ensure smooth edge blending

  • Enhanced immersive experience

  • Uniform image quality across multiple projectors

  • Eliminates the need for precise adjustments during installation

Overcoming Space Constraints with Short-Throw Design

Golf simulators with limited space benefit greatly from a short-throw design. The BenQ LH820ST’s short-throw design enables a larger image to be projected in a confined area, making it the perfect choice for golf simulators with limited space.

The LH820ST boasts a remarkable 0.5:1 throw ratio, allowing for stunning visuals to be projected from a short distance. Short-throw projectors like the BenQ LH820ST create a more immersive experience by placing the projector closer to the screen, reducing the risk of shadows and glare. 

In addition the unique Digital Lens shift feature allows you to shift the image horizontally on the screen digitally. In a situation where your projector needs to be mounted off-center, digital lens shift allows you to adjust the image position horizontally, correcting any misalignment.

Accurate Image Adjustment with Digital Shrink and Shift

The BenQ LH820ST provides digital shrink and shift features, allowing for precise image adjustment and ensuring a realistic golf simulation experience without any image distortion. Digital shrink enables a slight reduction in the projected image size, typically in 0.5% increments. Digital shift, on the other hand, enables horizontal or vertical displacement of the image digitally, offering flexibility and precision in adapting the projected image to meet your requirements.

These features are essential for achieving the perfect projection every time, allowing you to focus on improving your golf skills and enjoying the immersive experience provided by the BenQ LH820ST.

The Mid-Level Golf Simulator Projector Champion? 

LH820 ST Front Angle View

The BenQ LH820ST stands out as a top choice for BenQ golf simulator projectors, offering great features and performance that compete with similar models from other brands like the Panasonic VMZ51U and the Optoma GT2000HDR Projectors. Its key features include:

  • High brightness

  • Native 1080p full HD resolution

  • Low latency

  • User-friendly color calibration

These features help to make the BenQ LH820ST a champion in its field.

Compared to its competitors in a similar price point, the BenQ LH820ST offers excellent value for money, putting it towards the top of the list among similarly priced golf simulator projectors. With its impressive feature set and outstanding performance, the LH820ST is a perfect addition to any golf simulator setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lumens should I look for in a golf simulator projector?

For optimal performance with your golf simulator projector, it’s essential to consider the lumens. In low-light environments, a minimum of 1,500 lumens suffices, while for higher picture quality or less dark spaces, aim for 2,200-2,500 lumens. Larger screens and areas with significant ambient light benefit from projectors with 3000 to 5500 lumens. So, when selecting the best golf simulator projector, ensure it matches your lighting conditions and screen size to enjoy an immersive and vibrant golfing experience.

What would be other alternatives you would recommend to the BenQ LH820ST? 

Two other projectors I would consider looking at would be the Panasonic VMZ51U and the Optoma GT2000HDR. Pricing and information is included on both of these projectors below. 

PANASONIC VMZ51U Golf Simulator Projector

Optoma GT2000HDR Projector: 

Do you need a 4K projector for a golf simulator?

For the best experience in golf simulators, a 4K projector is definitely something to consider as it offers more detail than 1080p with over 8 million pixels. A 4K HDR projector provides the utmost fidelity for the latest simulator graphics. Another key factor is if you plan on watching TV and Movies as well in the same setup. While a 4k projector is always something to consider, it is worth noting that a 4k projector with similar features to something like the BenQ LH820ST could see a price difference as much as $2000.00 or even more in some cases.

Want to upgrade to the ultimate 4k projector experience from BenQ? Make sure to check out the BenQ LK936ST Golf Simulator Projector by clicking here!

Should a golf simulator projector be on the floor or ceiling?

For the best immersion and highest resolution, we recommend that a golf simulator projector be mounted on the ceiling whenever possible.

What is the exclusive golf mode on the BenQ LH820ST projector?

The BenQ LH820ST projector features an exclusive golf mode which optimizes blue sky and green grass color to provide a realistic depiction of golf course

Personal Insight from Garage Golf:

Having tested numerous projectors during our recent years here at Garage Golf, we can confidently state that the BenQ LH820ST is a quality product that will meet a lot of people’s needs. While there is really no ONE projector that will fit everyone’s needs due to things like image, throw ratio and personal needs, this projector is likely to check a lot of things off of a person’s wishlist when searching for the right option for their needs.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the BenQ LH820ST golf simulator projector is a game-changer for those looking to elevate their indoor golfing experience. Its unique set of features, including exclusive golf mode, low latency, vibrant colors and dustproofing make it a top choice among golf enthusiasts. The projector’s seamless edge blending, short-throw design, and accurate image adjustment further help to solidify its position as the best golf simulator projector. So, if you’re ready to take your golf simulator to the next level, make sure you take a good hard look at the BenQ LH820ST Golf Simulator Projector.

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