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Growing up I was never really into in the game of golf. I didn’t have any close family or friends that introduced me to the game at a young age. It wasn’t until my first year of college when a friend of mine took me out to a golf course for the very first time that I actually began to appreciate the beauty of the sport. After that first round on the golf course, I knew I was hooked for life. Being a three sport athlete my entire life up until that point and finding myself at a level where I no longer played competitive sports, I had found myself missing that competitive environment. Golf helped to fill that void and offered a sport to me that I could continue playing for the rest of my life, regardless of age or even skill level. With golf, you won’t find a sport that is more humbling or soul searching regardless of how long you have played it. The greatest thing I love about golf is that it is a sport you can play both solo or with friends and that your biggest competition is yourself and the struggle within to become a better golfer.
Fast forward about 10 years. Golf technology has begun to develop into something that could actually be played and practiced in the comfort of your own home! It was during this time that I researched and came across the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. This device was finally something that offered the everyday average golfer the ability to be able to practice golf within their own space without having to go to a driving range or shell out big money for multiple rounds. To top it all off, it was not only a launch monitor, but also a golf simulator which was something that up until that point was only geared towards the wealthy. I decided to take the plunge and ultimately made the purchase. 
Throughout the years, no product on the market has continued to evolve and offer the bang for your buck that Skytrak has provided. They now have the option to choose between 6 unique Golf Simulator programs that partner with Skytrak Golf Launch Monitor, all of them offering their own unique features and benefits. In addition, SkyTrak continues to update their application on a regular basis with new features and tools, all of which are geared towards helping you improve your golf game. My favorite feature by far is the Practice Randomizer feature.
It is a relatively new feature that Skytrak Golf Launch Monitor recently released and one that I feel best replicates the various shots you would take in a normal round of golf. When you start a session, you can choose a distance range for that session. You can choose to focus on a certain range within a targeted distance or open up the range to a level where it can include all the clubs in your bag. When using this feature I tend to choose a range where every club within my bag may be used. When starting the session your first shot distance will be automatically selected. After you hit your first shot every shot after is randomly chosen for you within the range you specified. This allows you to go through various shot types and keep your golf game sharp in a relatively short amount of time. In a true round of golf it is very rare that you would use the same club back to back in a repetitive process so it is important that you don’t practice your golf game in that fashion either. With every change in distance you might have to select a different club or adjust your ball placement within your stance and this is why I love the Practice Randomizer feature so much. The Practice Randomizer is perfect for times when you want to focus on your overall golf game or work on a specific range of clubs you may be struggling with, all while keeping things interesting and non repetitive. It is just one of many tools within the SkyTrak application that helps you to become a better golfer. 
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