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New Club Release – PXG 0317 CB Player Irons

New Club Release – PXG 0317 CB Player Irons

PXG’s latest release of their 0317 CB Player Irons has been met with great excitement from golfers across the country. The new irons feature an innovative multi-material construction that combines the feel of a forged iron and the forgiveness of a cavity back. This combination ensures maximum distance and precision for low or even mid handicap golfers.

PXG 0317 CB Player Irons:
*Shape and Technology
*Lofts and Specs
*Finish Options
*Who are PXG 0317 CB Player Irons Geared Towards?
*Final Thoughts

Shape and Technology:

The PXG 0317 CB Player Irons have a new modern classic shape that provides plenty of versatility to hit shots from any lie on the course. Triple forged 8620 soft carbon steel is used in the body and face of each club to create a soft, responsive feel at impact while still maintaining stability and accuracy over time. To further enhance performance, one large precision weight is located near the CG on the back of the clubhead that can be used to achieve optimal swing weight for a golfer during an in person fitting.

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Lofts and Specs:

The lofts on each club have been optimized for maximum performance, which helps golfers achieve their desired shots and trajectories. The 4-7 irons feature 24° – 33° loft angle while the 8-AW (approach wedge) feature 37° – 50° loft angles. Each PXG 0317 CB Player Iron is offered in right and left hand models with a variety of shaft options to fit any golfer’s needs.

PXG 0317 CB Iron Specs:

Finish Options:

The new milled PXG 0317 CB Players have two finishes and come in both a Chrome or Xtreme Dark finish with diamond-like carbon coating which adds durability and helps reduce glare. The irons come equipped with premium PXG Z5 Black grips which provide a softer feel for more feedback during each shot. Between the two finishes my personal favorite is the Xtreme Dark Finish but I would love to see how the color holds up over the test of time.

Xtreme Dark Finish

Chrome Finish

Who are PXG 0317 CB Player Irons Geared Towards?

Whether you’re a low handicap or even a mid-handicap golfer, the new PXG 0317 CB Player Irons can help you take your golf game to the next level. With innovative technology and materials, these irons are designed to give golfers increased distance, accuracy, and control with every swing. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your current golf equipment, the new PXG 0317 CB Player Irons are definitely worth a try!

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Final Thoughts:

As a mid handicap golfer I am excited about the prospect of testing the PXG 0317 CB Player Irons as they offer just the right amount of forgiveness while still maintaining that classic iron look. For those looking for even more customization you can even select to go with a blended set that blends the PXG 0317 CB Irons in the lower lofted clubs for more forgiveness while mixing in the PXG 0317 ST irons in the higher lofts for dialed in accuracy. One thing is for sure and that is PXG continues to make awesome looking golf clubs that are synonymous with quality. Couple that with one of the best fitting options out there in the game and PXG looks poised for a successful 2023 and beyond in the golf equipment category. 

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