Golf Simulator Setups in Small Spaces

Case Study: Successful Golf Simulator Setups in Small Spaces

Playing golf on a golf simulator is not a completely new idea for cherishing your passion for the sport. But it is definitely revamped for you to bring the entire setup home now and install it in the most restricted places possible around the property. This includes accommodating Golf Simulator Setups in Small Spaces.

Gone are the days when you had to visit a big commercial setup of golf simulators and pay hourly rates to hit golf balls in a golf simulator environment. Now, you have the option to bring your golf simulator in garage, basement, or any other restricted space without much of a hassle.

Here, we will be exploring case studies on how golf simulators can be accommodated in different realistic spaces on any property.

Some of the Real-Life Case Studies on How to Fit in a Golf Simulator Setups in Small Spaces!

Here are three evident case studies on how the most commonly available spaces around the property can be used for making a golf simulator setup:

Golf Simulator in Garage

One of the most commonly used places for you to set up your garage golf simulator is in the garage. There are ample reasons why this place should be your first preference, one among which is ample open space.

Most garages often have good height and width allowing you to play those shots without the worry of hitting the ceiling or other items around you. While for a permanent setup you might have to sacrifice one of your car’s spots for the enclosure, there are also ways to have a more portable setup that still allows you to park a car in the space when not in use.

For golf enthusiasts eager to experience the game at home, it’s essential to adhere to specific size requirements in your available garage space. Ensure that your area measures at least 10 feet in width, 15 feet in depth, and possesses a ceiling height of 9 feet minimum to accommodate a golf simulator. Please note that each golfer’s swing is unique so it is important to test your swing out in your space in advance and also accommodate for an extra 1” to 2” in height as a result of the golf mat you will be using.

In conclusion, setting up a golf simulator in the garage allows you to bring in a fully functional golf simulator setup in a unique space that can cater to all your golfing needs.

Golf Simulator in Basement

Golf Simulator in Basement

The basement is another popular choice for many golfers to install their simulators. Typically, basements in homes are underutilized, often serving as storage areas for old furniture and items.

Should you be considering a makeover for your basement, it’s an ideal opportunity to incorporate a golf simulator. This could involve replacing old furniture or an outdated entertainment setup with a projector and screen for a virtual golf experience.

However, a crucial factor to keep in mind for a basement setup is the Ceiling Height for Golf Simulator. Many basements are not built with high ceilings, which may restrict the full swing of a golf club. It’s advisable to conduct some test swings to ensure the space is suitable before finalizing your plans.

Additionally, if there’s ample room in the basement, consider adding a beverage cart or a mini bar near the simulator. This can enhance your enjoyment of the virtual game, providing a complete leisure experience.

Additional Bedroom or Open Space

Golf Simulator for Additional Bedroom

Transform an unused extra bedroom or open space in your home into something more exciting than just a storage space. Consider renovating it into an entertainment hub, complete with a home golf simulator and other enjoyable features.

First, measure the room’s width, depth, and ceiling height to ensure it’s suitable for comfortably playing golf. This idea is most feasible if your home has a sufficient number of rooms.

For those building a new house, you can consult home designers who specialize in creating floor plans that include a dedicated room for a golf simulator. A popular design involves installing the simulator in a room constructed at the top of the house.

While setting up a separate room for a golf simulator can be costly, it is often a worthwhile investment for those passionate about having a dedicated entertainment space.

What are Some of the Considerations that You Must Make While Setting Up a Golf Simulator in Small Spaces?

Some of the things you must take note of while setting up your golf simulator setups in small spaces around your property are:

  • Know the overall size of the selected room or space.
  • Test out the golf swing in that space.
  • Understand the custom space requirements, depending on the simulator you choose.


Don’t let the absence of a golf course or access to a commercial simulator limit your enthusiasm for playing golf. You can easily bring the golfing experience into your own home. All it requires is dedicating a specific area in a suitable location within your property. Explore these case studies to understand how it can be done, and if you can arrange such a space, start searching for the top golf simulators immediately! If you have any questions or if are ready to start your own golf simulator build, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at Garage Golf today!

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