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Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver Review


The Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver is not only the newest addition to TaylorMade’s renowned line of golf clubs, but also perhaps one of it’s finest offerings. With its low-profile design and powerful performance, this mini driver will help you hit straighter and longer tee shots with improved accuracy helping to correct your inherent mis hit tendencies and making this club possibly one the best options you have ever tested.

Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver Specs and Weight:

Not to be confused with previous versions of Taylormade Drivers such as the Aeroburner Driver or the Aeroburner Mini, the Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver stands out all on its own. Taylormade Golf has long been known as a club manufacturer that is not afraid to step outside the norm for its golf clubs. This mini driver features a 304cc club head size that produces a larger sweet spot for better contact on off-center hits which helps both with offering more control and increased distance. It also features a combination of materials that include both titanium and steel as well as carbon fiber. These materials help to create the foundation for BRNR Mini’s incredible sound, feel and performance. Split weights are also an option on this mini driver. This feature enables golfers the flexibility to switch between the standard setting (13g in the back) for balanced performance, and the low spin setting (13g in the front) for a lower piercing trajectory and increased roll out.
Taylormade Burner Mini Driver Bottom of Club Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver Specs

Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver Shaft Options:

In terms of shaft options, the Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver comes with a stock UST ProForce 65 (Retro Burner Edition) shaft that comes in either regular or stiff flex and pairs nicely with this club to help you with accuracy and to help maximize your swing speed. The shaft is a bit of a tip of the cap to the original design of the Burner TI Bubble 2 but it very loosely follows that concept as you will not find an all copper color design with this model. Instead you will find hints of previous designs in regards to the color scheme. For example, the crown on the club is black but even that has some copper touches to it as well.

You can also choose from several aftermarket shaft options where you can choose the length, weight and stiffness, depending on the feel and performance you’re looking for. There are numerous shaft options from such manufacturers such as Aldila, Fujikura, Mitsubishi and Project X. As always we strongly recommend you to get custom fitted if possible but with so many options available you are sure to find something to fit your needs.
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Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver – It’s Cool to go Retro:

This model is all about paying homeage to the late 90’s Burner drivers while at the same time focusing on a way to help it stand out on its own as well. The different components of the Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver work together diligently to allow for maximum forgiveness. By implementing Movable Weight Technology on the club face as well, this provides not only maximum versatility but also increased distance and a more piercing ball flight.

Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver -This Club has Sole:

The Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver features a unique technology called K-SOLE which is a design that helps with assisting the golfer with precise turf interaction by allowing the club to glide smoothly through the turf while at the same time reducing resistance and helping to promote a consistent strike. This is perfect for a golfer who possibly needs the distance of a driver off the deck but while at the same time allowing that golfer to have the consistency that higher lofted fairway woods typically provide they may be looking for.

Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver Bottom of Club 2
Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver Angled View Color Background

Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver – Twist and Shout:

Taylormade’s patented Twist Face® technology coupled with the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ and the four-degree Loft Sleeve provide numerous additional tools for a golfer as well. Twist Face helps assist golfers on mis-hits for straighter shots, while the Speed Pocket is engineered to maximize ball speeds and add forgiveness on low-face strikes. The four-degree Loft Sleeve also allows golfers to fine tune loft and face angle for optimum flight.

Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver – Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I consider using a mini driver?

The main benefits you will find from the use of a mini driver would be accuracy and forgiveness. Since these clubs typically have a deeper face than that you would find in a three wood you could also expect to increase distance off the tee or even off the deck over a 3 wood. These features alone may have your reaching for a mini driver instead of just reaching for a three wood the next time you are out of the golf course. The shorter shaft (typically less than 44″) will result in a dip in distance versus a traditional driver but you could easily see a significant distance boost over a regular 3 wood while still maintaining the accuracy you desire.

What loft is best for a mini driver?

You will see different options out there in regards to loft but the most common option you are likely to see would be a loft that ranges somewhere between 11.5-13.5 degrees. That being said, the two stock loft options for the Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver are 11.5 degrees and 13.5 degrees, respectively.

What is the difference between a 3 wood and a mini driver?

The main difference that you will notice between a 3 wood and a mini driver will most likely be the size of the club head itself. The club face on the Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver is 304 cc while most club faces on a 3 wood typically average closer to 170cc range. While a mini driver is also slightly longer on average than a 3 wood, ranging around 43.75″ instead of 43.25″ on an average three wood, the difference in the club face size will still make the mini driver easier to hit as a result.
Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver at Address

Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver at Address

Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver in Bag

Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver Final Thoughts:

The Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver is an excellent choice for golfers who want a low-profile driver with enhanced accuracy and distance off the tee. The price of this club is currently listed at $449.00 pricing it lower than a traditional driver but priced high enough where a golfer will certainly question their exact need for this type of club before ultimately pulling the trigger on a purchase. That being said, several features such as increased distance versus a fairway wood and the forgiveness the BRNR Mini Driver provides will make it a viable option for several aspiring golfers looking to improve their golf game.

If you’re in the market for a powerful mini driver that offers not only fantastic looks but also great performance, look no further than the 2023 Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver. With its innovative design and adjustable features, this club is sure to help you get the best out of your game. As always, make sure you get yourself fitted to guarantee the best settings for your success. Schedule a fitting and pick one up for yourself today to start teeing off with the confidence you deserve!

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