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Swinging into Action: Tiger Woods-Rory McIlroy TGL League Unveils January 2025 Kickoff Date

In a move that will transform the golf landscape, the Tiger Woods-Rory McIlroy Golf League (TGL) has unveiled its highly anticipated debut season, set to commence in January 2025. Backed by TMRW Sports, this innovative league aims to infuse new energy into the sport by blending elite competition with cutting-edge technology. The Venue and Schedule TGL’s inaugural season will kick off on the first three Tuesdays of January 2025, with the first match scheduled for January 7th. The league’s matches will be televised in prime time on ESPN and ESPN+ in the United States. The action will take place at the SoFi Center, a state-of-the-art facility spanning 250,000 square feet, situated on the campus of Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

SoFi, the modern bank and personal finance company, is sponsoring the new TGL league. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries. SoFi’s CEO Anthony Noto explained that TGL’s tech-focused approach aligns well with SoFi’s mission to transform financial services through digital solutions. The TGL league features six teams made up of top PGA TOUR players. Each team has four members, with three players competing in each match. The teams include Atlanta Drive GC, Boston Common Golf, Jupiter Links Golf Club, Los Angeles Golf Club, TGL New York, and TGL San Francisco.

In regards to the format, each team will play five regular-season matches. Before each match, the two competing teams will name three players each, with one player from each team sitting out the match. The TGL regular season match will have two distinct components: The first nine holes, known as “Triples,” will be a 3-on-3 alternate-shot format. The three players from each team will take turns teeing off and hitting shots throughout the holes. The remaining six holes, called “Singles,” will feature rotating head-to-head competition. Each player will play two holes – Player 1 will play holes 10 and 13, Player 2 will play holes 11 and 14, and Player 3 will play holes 12 and 15. Each hole is worth one point, and the team with the fewest strokes on a hole wins that point. Ties result in zero points, and there are no carryovers.

The ove­rtime tiebreake­r, if needed, will fe­ature a competition where­ the teams hit 3 shots each, aiming to ge­t closest to the pin. The first te­am to hit two shots closer than their opponent’s wins. The­ course at the SoFi Cente­r will cover an area about the size­ of a football field, around 97 x 50 yards. It will use various technologie­s to create an immersive­ experience­. Players will hit shots from real grass tee­s, fairways, rough, and sand. Their long shots will go into a large 64 x 46-foot scree­n, which is much bigger than a standard simulator. For shorter shots within around 50 yards, players will move­ to a custom-built “Green Zone” – a 3,800 square­-foot area with three virtual gre­ens. These gre­ens can change slope using 189 actuators and jacks to cre­ate different challe­nges on each hole.

TGL’s matches will feature live broadcasting of every shot, with players wearing microphones and a 40-second shot clock to keep the pace fast and exciting. Innovative data delivery and other broadcast enhancements will further improve the viewing experience for fans.

TGL Setup

The launch of TGL’s inaugural season will coincide with ESPN’s extensive coverage of the NFL Playoffs and the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. This will provide valuable opportunities to promote the new team golf league. Mike McCarley, the founder and CEO of TMRW Sports, expressed excitement about introducing sports fans to this innovative format of team golf. He plans to leverage ESPN’s promotional capabilities and the popularity of January sports events. Although some team rosters have not been fully revealed yet, committed players include top talents such as Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, and Tiger Woods. TGL will continue to unveil its community-building activities and team branding throughout the year, promising an engaging experience for both fans and players.

The Tiger Woods-Rory McIlroy Golf League (TGL) is set to captivate audiences with its blend of elite competition and innovative technology. As the inaugural season approaches in January 2025, golf fans around the world eagerly await the opportunity to witness history in the making.

One thing is for sure, the TGL is going to open the eyes of millions to the world of golf simulators and the benefits they provide along with the ability to work on your golf game from the comfort of your own home or business. If you are interested in setting up a golf simulator of your own, make sure to check out our Garage Golf Shop or set up a free consultation with us to go over your unique space, budget and needs. We are here to help anytime!

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