Launch Monitor Accuracy

Price vs. Precision: Decoding Launch Monitor Accuracy

With the influx of advanced home golf simulators utilizing integrated launch monitors to feed real-time shot analysis, a common question arises – is the performance data provided by top priced launch monitors as precise and accurate as competing launch monitors in a lower price point.

In this comparative test, we pit one of the most respected launch monitors, the Foresight GCQuad, head-to-head against a cutting-edge indoor only golf simulator in the Uneekor Eye XO and a entry/mid-level option in the SkyTrak+ to determine ball speed, carry distance and other major ball flight metric accuracies. By establishing cross-validated performance baselines, we uncover useful data around the tradeoffs golfers make embracing modern simulator tech at different price levels.

Testing Setup & Methodology

Over two separate testing sessions, the same set of five golf clubs – from driver down through pitching wedge – were used by an accomplished mid-handicap player, taking five swings per club on each launch monitor. To provide a robust comparative sample size, 75 total shots with the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor established the performance control variable. Those ball speed, launch angle and carry figures then functioned as the comparative benchmark to judge the SkyTrak+ and Uneekor Eye XO launch monitor accuracy outputs for the identical repeated swings.

Comparing average distances enables straightforward numeric accuracy analysis, while standard deviation calculations quantify overall metric consistency strength. All testing was also completed using Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls.

Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor Results

Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor

With a price tag of $14,000.00, $4000.00 more than the Uneekor EYEXO and almost $11,000.00 more than the Skytrak+, Foresight’s GCQuad represents the dominant professional-grade launch monitor trusted by elite players and tour technicians alike for reliable precision down to 0.1 MPH sensitivity. The 75 full swing averages produced the baseline output metrics to assess launch monitor accuracy claims against, led by:

  • Driver Ball Speed AVG: 159 MPH
  • 7i Launch Angle AVG: 18 Degrees
  • PW Carry Distance AVG: 92 Yards
  • Consistency (All Club STD Dev): +/- 3.2 Yards

Uneekor EYEXO Results

Uneekor EYEXO

As a top player disrupting golf simulators today, Uneekor’s EYEXO sensors delivered impressively tight alignment to Foresight’s grade measurements, including:

  • Driver Ball Speed AVG: 158.6 MPH (-0.4 MPH Variance)
  • 7i Launch Angle AVG: 18.2 Degrees (+0.2 Degree Variance)
  • PW Carry Distance AVG: 94.4 Yards (+2.4 Yard Variance)
  • Consistency (All Club STD Dev): +/- 3.7 yards

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor Results

SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor Results

While SkyTrak+ posted larger differentials from Foresight in some areas than the Uneekor outputs as expected given vast pricing differences, for under $3,000.00 SkyTrak+ still generated very reasonable alignment to the GCQuad launch monitor numbers:

  • Driver Ball Speed AVG: 160.1 MPH (+1.1 MPH Variance)
  • 7i Launch Angle AVG: 19.3 Degrees (+1.3 Degree Variance)
  • PW Carry Distance AVG: 89.7 Yards (-2.3 Yard Variance)
  • Consistency (All Club STD Dev): +/- 4.1 yards

Key Testing Takeaways

The full-scale launch monitor accuracy test comparison reveals some clear guidance as golfers consider advancing into integrated modern simulator systems:

  1. Simulator Launch Monitor Accuracy Holds Up: Both Uneekor EYEXO and SkyTrak+ posted impressive ball speed, launch and carry output correlations to the Foresight GCQuad system with alignments mostly inside +/- 5 yard variances.
  2. More Affordable Options Surprise: While lower cost undoubtedly drives some accuracy tradeoffs, SkyTrak+ performed admirably for thousands less than Foresight. Uneekor matching GCQuad metrics shows huge value promise as well.
  3. Consistency Matters: While consistency falloff between sessions for indoor golf launch monitor solutions could signify slight data drift over high volume use, overall they still deliver robust directional feedback for skills progression and tremendous home access convenience.

Overall, no matter your budget, there is a golf simulator or golf launch monitor solution for your needs. Please set up a time to meet with us here at Garage Golf to go over your needs, parameters and budget when the moment is right for you. We are here to help!

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