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Garage Golf’s Top 5 Golf Mats

Dreaming of perfecting your swing without setting foot on the course? Look no further than the game-changing world of golf hitting mats! From the comfort of your garage to the heart of a virtual golf setup, these innovative golf mats provide a realistic practice environment, letting you improve your game year-round. But with a plethora of the Best Golf Mat options available, choosing the right one can be daunting. Fear not, fellow Garage Golfers! We’ve meticulously tested and compared our top 5 contenders, breaking down their strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for different needs. Let’s tee off on our quest for the perfect swing companion!

The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat: The King of Comfort and Durability

I tell everyone I speak with that I feel that the Golf Mat is the key essential component to a true golf simulator setup. The one item that you should never cut costs on in my opinion is the golf mat because a golf mat will make or break your entire experience overall. When making this mat, no costs were spared and no corners were chopped. There are complaints that the other golf mats aren’t friendly on the joints or elbow, are too grabby or too forgiving, despite the fact that they are likewise well-made and of excellent quality. We as golfers wanted and needed a golf training mat to be made in response. This is where the SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat absolutely shines!


  • Unmatched durability: Built to withstand thousands of swings, the Softy boasts industry-leading durability with its dense foam base and reinforced turf.
  • Superior feedback: Feel the difference! The golf training mat simulates real turf interaction and the ability to hit down and through a golf ball with a real divot feel, providing valuable impact and clubface contact feedback.
  • Tee flexibility: The SIGPRO Softy insert works seamlessly with wooden tees, catering to personal preferences and simulator compatibility. However, we do typically recommend eliminating real tees in an indoor golf simulator environment and going with either Birtees or K2 Golf Tees that we have previously reviewed on our YouTube Channel.
  • MyGolfSpy Approved: Earning the title of “Best Overall” in their rigorous testing, the SIGPRO Softy’s performance speaks for itself.
  • Hitting Insert: The real beauty of a best golf mat is the hitting insert. If at any point the hitting insert starts to wear down, you can replace it with a brand new insert without having to replace the entire golf mat. With that being said, I’ve owned mine for two years and even with everything we do on the channel it is still holding strong. I don’t anticipate this is something that would need to be done often but it is nice to have that feature!
  • Protection for joints and elbows: This one feature is real important to me personally. I have personally injured myself on a golf mat before because as a mid-handicap golfer does, I occasionally hit a golf shot fat. This particular time with another golf mat not to be named, I injured my elbow and was out of action for over 6 months. That is not the case with the SIGPRO Golf Mat. While you will notice a difference between a flush shot and a fat or thin shot, the golf hit mat is not going to penalize your joints or elbow as a result. This is a key distributing factor as to what makes this mat an easy #1 on the list for me.


  • Premium price: This high-quality mat comes at a premium cost compared to some competitors. The 4×10 SIGPRO Softy currently sells at $1199.99 as of the cost of this article. You can save some costs by going with either the 4×7 Golf Mat ($999.99) or if you are relatively handy you can also purchase the SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip only ($249.99) and drop it into an existing subfloor for a flush setup.
  • Height: What is an absolute pro in regards to quality and feel can also be a con to people with limited space in regards to the height of this best golf mat. If you struggle with ceiling height or are looking to drop the insert into an existing mat or flooring, the overall height of the SIGPRO Insert and mat at 2 and ⅜ inches tall can require a bit more ample space, making it less ideal for confined areas. I would love to personally see an extension option off the front of the 4×10 golf mat similar to The Indoor Golf Shop’s SIGPRO Putting Floor that allows for an 8 foot deep area off the front of this mat that would run all the way to the interior of the SIG Enclosures for a one level putting setup for the hundreds of people I have talked to that are looking for this type of feature.
  • Indoor Use Only: The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat is meant to serve as a simulator solution for indoor spaces only and will not withstand the elements well. Those looking for a setup they can leave outside in the elements will not want to choose this option unless they can place inside in between uses.

Ideal for: Golfers seeking the ultimate combination of comfort, durability, and realistic feedback. Perfect for serious golf practice sessions, course game play and simulator setups.

Best Buying Links 👇

1. SIGPRO Softy 4×10 Golf Mat -Price: $1199.99
2. SIGPRO Softy 4×7 Golf Mat – Price: $999.99
3. SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip – Price: $249.99

Carl’s Place Hotshot Golf Mat: Value Champion

You can play golf for hours without experiencing any discomfort thanks to Carl’s HotShotTM Golf Hitting Mat, which reduces tiredness and is gentle on the joints. Are you wearing out your striking area by playing in your golf simulator a lot? The striking area of Carl’s HotShotTM Golf Mats is changeable and pre-cut.

Their product testers hit from indoor golf mats of various shapes and sizes for hundreds of hours, so they decided to create their own to provide you with what they feel is the ideal mix of cost and quality.


  • Budget-friendly: Offers excellent value for its price, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious golfers.
  • Compact design: Its smaller size and overall height makes it perfect for limited spaces and heights, like garages or balconies.
  • Easy portability: Lightweight and foldable, ideal for taking to the range or practicing on the go.


Ideal for: Casual golfers looking for an affordable, portable solution for repeat practice sessions and gameplay..

Best Buying Links 👇

1. Carl’s 4×5 HotShot Hitting Mat – Price: $534.95
2. Carl’s 4×7 HotShot Hitting Mat – Price: $679.95
3. Carl’s 4×10 HotShot Hitting Mat – Price: $695.95

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Golf Mat: Simulator Star

Pure Impact Turf, a premium striking surface that has been launch monitor-tested to provide the most exact reproduction of the launch circumstances of actual fairway grass, is part of Fiberbuilt’s new Player Preferred Series. When used as a golf simulator mat, this is particularly crucial to ensure that the experience most nearly resembles the conditions on actual fairways. For the purpose of improving games, the Player Preferred Series offers accurate launch stats.

Fiberbuilt’s premium golf striking mats and tee lines, the Pure Impact Turf, include a unique Vibration Absorption Layer that captures 94.7 percent of the vibration from the club head. Better players like the genuine feel and sound that this produces, and it also lets you attack the ball without holding back.


  • Launch monitor compatible: Designed specifically for use with launch monitors, providing valuable data on ball flight and swing mechanics.
  • Premium feel: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Player Preferred offers a realistic turf experience for optimal feedback.
  • Durable construction: Built to last, the mat can handle consistent use without significant wear and tear.
  • Variety of sizes: Available in multiple sizes to fit different simulator setups and practice needs.


  • High price tag: This top-of-the-line mat comes with a hefty price tag, making it an investment for serious golfers only..
  • Space requirement: Larger sizes can be space-consuming, requiring careful planning for simulator setups.
  • Limited portability: Designed primarily for stationary use due to its size and weight.

Ideal for: Dedicated golfers and simulator owners seeking the best possible data and feedback for advanced practice and game analysis.

Best Buying Links 👇

1. Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Series Studio Golf Mat – Price: $1,349.00
2. Shop All Fiberbuilt Golf Mat Options Here

Truestrike Golf Mat: The Tour-Approved Choice

TrueStrike Golf Mats are ideal for home and commercial golf simulator applications and there are options to work with both a center hitting position and dual hitting position setups. With TrueStrike Golf Mats that play realistically, you may change and expand the attractiveness of your facility. As long as TrueStrikeTM is properly maintained, it will serve the user in the home or domestic setting for many years. TrueStrike’s modular architecture also allows for easy replacement of individual parts as needed.


  • Tour-proven performance: Used by professionals on the PGA Tour, the Truestrike delivers authentic turf interaction and feedback.
  • Divot-like feel: The unique design allows for realistic divot creation, mimicking real course conditions.
  • Durable base: The heavy-duty foam base ensures stability and longevity, even with powerful swings.
  • Modular Design: The Truestrike Mat can be pieced together and taken apart seamlessly for setups that require you to remove the golf mats in between sessions. This modular design also allows for unique and creative setups to fit your unique space.
TrueStrike Golf Mat in Action


  • Costly: While not the most expensive option on the list, the Truestrike golf mats still fall on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Bulkier design: Its thicker profile might require adjustments to simulator setups for optimal ball flight readings. Due to the weight of each individual piece you may require assistance to take apart the best golf practice mat more easily.
  • Tee limitations: The gel insert hitting section does not allow for the use of real golf tees so Birtees or K2 Golf Tees are your best bet here.
  • Durability: The gel insert section can wear down more quickly than a traditional hitting insert, requiring you to replace more often. Luckily this is an easy process with Truestrike but it can be costly.

Ideal for: Serious golfers and professionals seeking tour-level practice with realistic feedback and divot feel.

Best Buying Links 👇

1. Truestrike Academy Golf Mat – Price : $1,058.00
2. You Can Also View All TrueStrike Golf Mat Options By Clicking Here.

Rain or Shine Swing Turf Golf Mat: The All-Weather Warrior

SwingTurf offers a real fairway golf shot experience by allowing you to hit down and through the best golf practice mats thanks to its finely engineered fiber structure. The SwingTurf was designed to provide a softer, more accommodating striking surface. giving off a grass-like sensation and becoming less taxing on the body with time. With a 3-year warranty and an exceptional level of durability, SwingTurf is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage!


  • Take it easy on the joints: The fact that synthetic turf tends to be harsher on the body than grass is among the most frequent complaints directed at it. You can hit down and through the SwingTurf with less vibration and recoil thanks to its forgiving surface.
  • Conditions Suitable for Life: The SwingTurf responds naturally, much like actual grass, providing you with accurate feedback on missed strokes and even fat shots. SwingTurf was created to provide an incredible golf simulation experience; use a genuine wooden tee to tee it up anywhere on the mat.
  • Realistic feel: The multi-layer construction provides a convincing grass-like feel for improved feedback and performance.
  • Easy maintenance: Requires minimal cleaning and upkeep, simplifying post-practice routine.


  • Durability concerns: While weatherproof, extended outdoor use might lead to faster wear than indoor-focused mats.
  • Limited feedback: The feel might not be as precise as premium golf mats, offering less detailed feedback on swing mechanics and less protection on joints and elbows than more premium and top rated golf mats options higher on this list.
  • Stability: Some users have claimed that the golf mats can move or slide due to repeat swings so securing the mat to the floor underneath with double sided carpet tape or dual lock velcro may be best for when in use.

Ideal for: Golfers seeking a durable and affordable mat for indoor/outdoor practice, perfect for backyards, patios, or interior home golf simulator use.

Best Buying Links 👇

1. SwingTurf 5×5 Golf Hitting Mat – Price: $579.00
2. SwingTurf 4×9 Golf Hitting Mat – Price: $899.00

Beyond the Green: Choosing Your Perfect Golf Mats

Now that you’ve explored these top contenders, it’s time to select your ideal swing companion. Consider these key factors:

  • The budget: Determine the range of expenditure that is comfortable for you, and prioritize the features inside that area.
  • Practice area: Determine the available space and choose a comfortable mat that is comfortable without compromising the mechanics of your swing.
  • Putting your objectives into practice: Determine your core goal, whether it be providing casual improvements, doing data-driven analysis, or recreating settings that are similar to those on tours.
  • Compatibility with a simulator: If you are going to use a simulator, check that the mat’s tee system and launch monitor compatibility are compatible with your setup.

Remember, the “best” golf hitting mat depends on your needs and preferences. By thoughtfully analyzing your priorities and comparing features, you’ll find the perfect hitting surface to elevate your game and experience the joy of practicing in your own unique space.

Final Thoughts

A high-quality golf mat is necessary for each golfer to practice at home without always going to the course. The closest thing to hitting golf balls on grass outdoors is a feature only a quality golf mat can provide. With so many best golf hitting mats for garage alternatives, it’s easy to discover a mat that fits your requirements with a little research.

For the price, all of the mats discussed above provide outstanding value. For any questions anytime don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly or schedule a call or Google Meet by clicking here. We look forward to assisting you with all your golf simulator needs.

Keep On Golfing!

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