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Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons


Looking for a complete set of irons that offer more distance and forgiveness? Maybe you are newer to golf or perhaps have been playing for a while and just want a set of clubs guaranteed to simplify the game and just make golf more fun overall?  Look no further than the Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons. With their oversized heads, wide soles, and low center of gravity, these irons have been designed to make mid to high handicappers feel like they can hit shots straight and long. Let’s take a look at what makes these irons so special.
Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons
Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons – Design & Performance

The most noticeable feature of the Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons is their large clubhead size. While some golfers may be wary of such an oversized head, don’t worry—the designers at Cleveland Golf have done a great job of making sure the clubhead doesn’t feel too large or heavy. The wide soles also help reduce drag through the ball, allowing for improved launch conditions and maximum ball speed on off-center hits. In addition, with an optimized center of gravity (CG) location in each iron, you’ll get plenty of forgiveness on mishits—and potentially longer shots as well!


Material & Construction:

The Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons feature loft specific grooves. The four iron to 7 iron lofts have wider, flatter grooves while the 8 Iron through Sand Wedge have closely spaced, deeper and higher spinning wedge grooves. The clubface is also thicker than other models, which helps increase ball speeds even on off-center hits. The shafts are available in either steel or graphite options so you can choose whatever suits your swing best.

Feel & Forgiveness:

One thing that stood out to me during my testing as an 18 handicap golfer is that they are very solid at impact. This counter balanced weight distribution helps promote more consistent swings while still allowing players to maintain control over their shots. As mentioned earlier, the low center of gravity location also provides plenty of forgiveness so even if your shot isn’t perfectly struck you will still get good results due to the increased ball speed from the thickened face design and low CG location. There were plenty of off center or even mishit shots during my testing that still hit the green and landed pin high near the flag pole. What else can you ask for?

Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons Price: 

Currently as of the time of this review a set of steel irons (4-PW) runs $799.99 while a set of graphite irons (4-PW) will set you back $899.99. As with anything in which you would consider spending this type of money I strongly suggest that you get a custom fitting to make sure that these clubs fit your swing type and needs. Overall I feel that the Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons will be a great fit for many mid to high handicap golfers. 


If you’re looking for an iron set that offers maximum distance and forgiveness with a classic design then you should definitely check out the Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons. While it took me a slight bit of time to adjust to the look of the club at address resembling more often than not a shorter hybrid look at address, I was able to quickly dial in shots and when I did the results were absolutely fantastic! The Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons offer great performance with a solid feel and good looks all in one package—perfect for mid to high handicappers who want to take their game to the next level without breaking the bank! All in all, this is an excellent set of irons that will suit almost any golfer’s needs!


Video Review:

As always we have also completed a full video review on our YouTube channel so you can get a better feel of how these clubs handled and performed during our testing. Make sure to take a look at it when you have a moment as there are lots more details and numbers in the video to help you make an informed decision if these golf clubs may be a good fit for your golf needs. 

Cleveland XL Launcher Halo Irons Mid Handicap Video Review

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