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The Indoor Golf Shop SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat – Full Review


If you are looking for a high-quality golf mat to practice your swing indoors, the SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat from The Indoor Golf Shop is an excellent choice. This golf mat has been designed with all golfers in mind and offers a realistic feel and plenty of versatility. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes the SIGPRO Softy such a great choice for indoor golf practice.


Construction & Design:

The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat full sized mat comes in two sizes (4 feet x 7 feet and 4 feet x 10 feet). In addition you can also purchase only the hitting strip portion of the mat (28 in x 12 in x 2 3/8 in) if you would like to use it with an existing stance mat you may already have. The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat also features a thick foam backing that provides stability on any surface. The top layer is made out of durable synthetic turf that very closely and accurately simulates the feel of a real fairway or green. At 2 and 3/8 inches thick, The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat provides plenty of cushioning for your feet and will withstand repeated use without showing signs of wear and tear. Lastly, the compression slots on the bottom of the hitting insert act as release valves so as the turf is compressed at impact, the air pressure dissipates giving the golfer a realistic and smooth follow through without the sharp vibrations that other hitting mats produce.

Sig Pro Softy Hitting MatSig Pro Softy Side View

SigPro Softy Compression Slot
Performance & Durability:

Full disclaimer, I was initially sent The SIGPRO Softy golf mat for free for testing from The Indoor Golf Shop. I was given free reign to honestly and accurately depict our experiences when testing this mat while also providing a full video review on our YouTube channel. When I first received this golf mat from The Indoor Golf Shop I made it very clear to them that I was a huge fan of the mat based upon initial testing. However if I was going to put the Garage Golf name and endorsement behind this mat I knew that I wanted to take my time and thoroughly test it to make sure it would withstand the test of time and that the quality would hold up. I actually ended up waiting almost a full year before I decided to create a full video review on The SIGPRO Softy Insert. I could not be more happy with the results. The performance of The SIGPRO Softy is excellent. The synthetic turf provides a realistic feel to your shots and the foam backing also helps absorb energy from your shots, which means less wear and tear on your clubs and most importantly your body over time. As far as durability goes, this mat can handle heavy use without showing signs of wear and tear, so it’s perfect for avid golfers who want to practice their swing indoors without having to worry about damaging their clubs, the mat itself and their joints and ligaments.

Sig Pro Softy 4x7 Mat Price:

The SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip is the cheapest of the three options for those on a budget or for those that may have an existing stance mat where they are looking to drop this hitting insert into to save some money. The cost of the SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip currently is $199.99. The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat (4×7) is currently priced at $899.99 and The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat (4×10) is currently priced at $1099.99. While these are obviously not the cheapest priced golf mats on the market they are by far the best in terms of quality in our opinion. When we advise people that are looking to build a home golf simulator there are always two things we advise them to not skimp on in terms of price versus quality. The first of those items is the mat they will be using and the second is the screen. These are the two items that will be not only be used but also impacted with each and every shot. You need a great quality mat as a foundation that will not only withstand the test of time but also keep you safe and prevent from altering your golf shot due to pain experienced when swinging a club which will obviously negatively alter your golf game both indoors and outdoors. 


Functionality & Versatility:

The SIGPRO Softy is extremely versatile as well; it can be used on any flat surface, meaning you don’t have to worry about finding an ideal spot to practice your swing if you don’t have access to an indoor facility or outdoor range. Additionally, it can also be used for chipping and putting drills, making it ideal for players who want to improve all aspects of their game from home. Weighing only 31 lbs for the full size SIGPRO Softy golf mat, this also helps with the portability of the mat for those that may need to still use the garage or golf sim space for other purposes when not in use.

SigPro Softy 4x7 Mat Sig Pro Softy 4x10 Mat


All in all, The SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat from The Indoor Golf Shop is an excellent choice for golfers who are looking for a high-quality golf mat that provides a realistic feel for practicing their swing indoors. Not only does this mat provide plenty of cushioning and support while swinging, but it’s also extremely durable and versatile—so no matter where you go this mat has got you covered! From all of our testing over the past 5 years The SIGPRO Softy from The Indoor Golf Shop is by far THE BEST GOLF MAT WE HAVE EVER TESTED here at Garage Golf. We don’t take that kind of endorsement lightly which is why we put it to the test for over 9 months before we made that claim in our review. We have not tested a golf mat that more closely resembles the feel of real turf without being too forgiving or providing a feeling of hitting off of a tee on every shot as with other golf mats we have tested. In addition, we have also not found a safer golf mat for your elbows, shoulders and other joints that help to protect the body more than that of The SIGPRO Softy golf mat. If you’re looking for a reliable way to improve your game while still having fun inside your home, then this is definitely the golf mat worth considering!

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SIGPRO Softy Hitting Insert:

SIGPRO Softy 4×7 Golf Mat:

SIGPRO Softy 4×10 Golf Mat:×10-golf-mat?aff=160


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  2. Great review! I appreciate the detailed insights you provided about the SIGPRO Softy Golf Mat. It’s helpful to know about its durability and the realistic feel it offers. Your experience with the mat adds credibility to the review. I’m definitely considering adding this to my indoor golf setup now. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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